Welcome to the ‘Pedagogy of Pop‘ blog for my research project: ‘Protest music, adult learning and education for social change‘. My research explores whether popular or what I am calling ‘protest music’ has been an inspiration, catalyst for or led to processes of social change. It also looks at the relationships between popular or protest music, adult learning, education for social change and ‘public pedagogy’.

Before going and participating in the Pedagogy of Pop blog, I must inform you on a few things about how the blog discussion works and how what you say here might be used in my research.

Thanks for your patience in reading on! Links to Pedagogy of Pop discussion threads and the Pedagogy of Pop latest post, which also includes interesting links and other things relating to this topic are at the bottom of this page.

Participating in the blog and anonymity

At the Pedagogy of Pop blog, you will be able to participate in my research project by adding to a dialogue on my thesis topic. Anyone can read the blog, but to participate and add entries to discussion threads you will have to provide an email and a username.

This username will appear on the blog but can be whatever you want. For this reason and to ensure that anonymity is maintained, I ask that when you provide your username for the blog you use only a pseudonym, code or another first name rather than your actual name.

Only you can then make entries on your behalf, and this will also protect your anonymity and identity on the blog.

Only the moderator of the blog (me) will see this email address, and it will only be used to administer the blog and will not be provided to anyone else.

Participants will not be identified in any way if and when any of this data is written up in my thesis or in any other publications arising from anything posted to this blog.

If you wish to know anything more about any aspect of the Pedagogy of Pop blog, please contact me – the moderator – by email at:

Joining the blog conversation

The Pedagogy of Pop blog has been set up as a discussion forum. This discussion forum consists of short paragraphs of text under linked headings for a number of discussion topic headings. Each of the discussion topics in the Pedagogy of Pop blog outline particular aspects of this project related to protest music, adult learning and education for social change.

Pedagogy of Pop blog discussion

Participation in the blog involves responding to discussion topics that have been set up there. To participate provide your response, point of view, considerations or something relevant to the discussion topics. You may also respond to the responses by others for the initial discussion topic. You may include links to other websites, blogs or videos as they relate to the initial discussion topic, your blog response or the responses of other participants.

Following are the blog discussion topics so far:

Blog moderation

As the moderator, I reserve the right to not include blog entries or discussion postings that are inappropriate or not relevant to the discussion topic. (I will only do this if the entry is not in accordance with the blog, is offensive or completely irrelevant.) If you encounter any problems with access to the blog, you can contact me by email at:

Pedagogy of Pop blog discussion

Pedagogy of Pop latest post

Further participation in this research project

Pedagogy of Pop survey

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