A pedagogy of pop?

You will have seen this word ‘pedagogy’ all over this website by now. A more simple description for this term could be ‘teaching’, ‘education’, ‘educating’ or the act of educating or education. Looking at this in another way therefore, I am researching or studying whether popular or protest music has been, is or can be used for teaching or educating its audience on and for social change. I am asking whether this teaching or education through popular or protest music has inspired or led people to act to change current circumstances or situations. I also want to know and understand more about the nature of this teaching or education that might take place through popular or protest music. So the major theme or question for my research project and thesis is: whether popular or protest music has, is or can be an inspiration or even catalyst for social change?

Perhaps you have a view, opinion or something to add on this topic? I have set up this website containing a blog of this topic and a survey questionnaire for you to contribute to and participate in my research project.

Read more about my research and thesis here

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