Research project participants

Potential participants and contributors have been identified in relation to my research project and topic in terms of being either or both

  • protest music performers–pedagogues; and
  • protest music audience–adult learners.

Protest music performers who I am also referring to as ‘pedagogues’ which broadly translates to meaning ‘teachers’ or ‘educators’ (see also here), are performers or artists and members of popular music groups who have produced, released and performed what I am referring to quite broadly as ‘protest music’.

People who I have identified as the protest music audience–adult learners are people who have listened to, been inspired by or even been led to act to change their situation, that of others and the world through popular or protest music. I also want to hear from people who believe in the transformative or motivational power of popular or protest music to inspire people to think or learn about, or act to change the world around them.

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