Interviews and focus groups

As part of my research project, I am conducting interviews and focus groups with participants I have identified in relation to my thesis as

  • protest music performers–pedagogues (Group 1); and
  • protest music audience–adult learners (Group 2).

I am hoping that through these interviews and focus groups we can come to better understand and add to the knowledge, theory and literature on this research topic.

If through reading this website and Pedagogy of Pop blog, or completing the Pedagogy of Pop survey you think you might be identified as part of any of these groups in relation to my project, and/or if you are interested in participating in or receiving more information on this project and the focus groups click here, or you can contact me by email me at:

People participating in activities such as the Pedagogy of Pop blog or the Pedagogy of Pop survey should not identify themselves or give contact details in this forum.

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