Welcome to the ‘Pedagogy of Pop’ survey for my research project ‘Protest music, adult learning and education for social change’. My research explores whether popular or what I am calling ‘protest music’ has been an inspiration, catalyst for or led to processes of social change. It also looks at the relationships between popular or protest music, adult learning, education for social change and ‘public pedagogy’.

At the Pedagogy of Pop survey, you will be able to participate in my research project by answering some broad questions in relation to my thesis topic. Participation in this survey is anonymous and participants will not be identified in any way when any of this data is written up in my thesis or in any other publications arising from the survey.

The survey is made up of 20 questions and should take no more than 30–45 minutes. The questions are mostly multiple choice and a few for which you can provide up to a 500 character response. There is also one more question with a space provided where you can add further comments.

When you elect to go to the survey, a consent form will be displayed for you to read before you are taken to the survey.

Go to the survey now or read more.

Pedagogy of pop survey

If this has increased your interest in this topic and you would like to participate more, I welcome you to contribute to the dialogue at my Pedagogy of Pop blog on this website.

If you still feel you have more to contribute to my project you may want to be a participant in a focus group (conducted in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) or you can send me an email:

Once again thank you very much for your participation in this project.

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