What’s this all about?

Welcome to ‘Pedagogy of Pop’, the blog and website for my research project ‘Protest music, adult learning and education for social change’.

My research explores whether popular or what I am calling ‘contemporary popular music’ or ‘protest music’ has been an inspiration, catalyst for or led to processes of social change. It also looks at the relationships between popular or protest music, adult learning, education for social change and a phenomenon known as ‘public pedagogy’.

Through my blog and a survey that I have set up here, I am hoping to hear from people who believe in the transformative or motivational power of popular or protest music to inspire people to think (or learn) about, or act to change the world around them.

I also welcome responses from artists, musicians or performers of popular or protest music who might consider that their work or the work of other artists may have something to say about or has even contributed to social change.

Through my Pedagogy of Pop blog I am hoping to hear stories or narratives, accounts or experiences from people who may have been inspired by or even been led to act to change their situation, the situations of others and the world through popular or protest music.

You can read my latest post here too, where you will also find some interesting links and other information on my project and this topic.

Through my Pedagogy of Pop survey I am hoping for responses to a number of questions and themes in relation to my research on protest music, adult learning and education for social change.

To find out more about my research, or if you are interested in contributing to or participating in this project scroll down and follow the links below.

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